Asia’s Leading Film Industry
Korea is the 6th largest film market in total admissions, 8th in box office returns, and the 6th largest film producing country in the world. The Korean film industry has become the biggest player in the Asian entertainment industry. As well, Korean cultural influence is rapidly gaining a global foothold.
Korea has a wealth of world-class filmmakers and actors
who have gained international recognition and critical acclaim for their
abilities and achievements. Korean filmmakers and actors/actresses
continue to receive awards at major international film festivals along with validation in Hollywood. The Korean film industry also has an abundance of world class professional crew and technicians whom you can review in the Korea Location & Production Directory that accompanies this book.
Cost-Effective Infrastructure
Korea has a variety of studios and outdoor film sets in a wide range of sizes and locations as well as full post-production laboratories, sound and digital imagery facilities. Thanks to a highly advanced IT infrastructure and experienced technicians, its digital post production and VFX houses boast world class services at competitive rates. What would take weeks or months in other countries can be done in mere days in Korea.
Network of Regional Film Commissions
Korea houses ten film commissions in almost every
region of the country. Korea actively provides not only support in
location scouting and shooting,
but also various incentives for foreign audio-visual works. Recently,
the Korea Film Commissions and Industry Network (KFCIN) has been
established as a nationwide mutual-assistance system, improving on its already
outstanding film commission network.
Incentive for Foreign Audio-Visual Works

The Korean Film Council (KOFIC)’s incentive program offers a cash grant up to 30% on
production costs spent in Korea, and local film commissions offer further incentives on local film shoots.
In addition, the Korean film industry offers funding programs for foreign productions including the Busan
International Film Festival’s Asian Cinema Fund that supports script development, post production and documentary
production and the Global Film Fund that finances international co-production projects.
Natural Splendor and Seasonal Variety
Korea’s natural diversity offers something for any of your location needs. Mountains, forests, coasts, and sub-tropic volcanic islands can all be reached in only a few hours. As well, Korea’s seasonal variety gives four distinct aesthetics. Spring, summer, fall and winter are all distinct and beautiful in their own right.
Location Efficiency
Within a 2-hour distance from Seoul you can find old cultural heritage, modern civilization, dynamic cityscape, and remote nature. One benefit of Korea’s population density is the expedience one can move from one location to another. Whatever you location needs may be Korea has something for you, and that something can be reached in no time at all.