• General Information
    Time Zone, Weather, Tax, Visa, Customs etc

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    What services do the KFCIN(Korea Film Commissions and Industry Network) and the regional film commissions provide?

    The film commissions offer usually information services and assistance for film industry professionals at no charge.
    What KFCIN do

    Provide firsthand information on how to film in Korea, available incentives, locations, filming permits etc.
    Inbound gateway: connect to the local film industry, from location coordinators and line producers to production service companies
    Act as interface between the regional film commissions  
    Support location scouting and research for projects set in Korea
    Operate annual Korea Location FAMTours for international location managers, executives and other film professionals
    Regional Film Commissions do

    Adviseson shooting
    Searchfor locations
    Liaisonwith local authorities and facilitation shooting authorizations
    Permits to film in public spaces are often given by localmunicipal authorities. 
    Connects with local productionservice companies, producers, production managers etc. 

    Eachregional film commission operates various support programs for internationalsprojects, for example, accommodation support, car rental service for scouting,location scouting support etc. For more details, please visit our section Incentives
  • Filming in Korea
    Search for locations

    Helping to lookfor film locations is an important mission of the film commissions. Werecommend that you first consult our LocationDB

    If your locationinvolves several territories, you can ask KFCIN to coordinate the research andthe responses from the film commissions. We will communicate with the entirenetwork of 10 film commissions regarding a type of location difficult to find.  

    For particularly specific searches, don’t hesitate tocontact the regional film commissions by email.
    Search for studios and outdoor sets

    Please visit our section Production DB​
    Search for funding

    The KFCIN doesn’t operate the financial aid, however we know about thedifferent ways of funding an international project. There are two levels offunding: national and regional.

    National incentives: Korean Film Council operates Location Incentive andInternational co-production incentive. 
    Regional Incentives: Seoul Film Commission operates Cash rebate programalso. Another regional film commissions have various ways of funding forinternational projects. 

    For more details, please visit our section Incentives
  • Contact information
    Who do I contact for information on filming?

    You can contact the Korea Film Commissions
    International team manager Sumin SEO